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July 5th, 2014 – Willamette Valley, Oregon | Tasting Room Radio

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Saturdays Tasting Room Radio starts in Calgary..with a question everyone is asking... “How are you Doing?” If you weren’t directly affected by the southern Alberta floods..then you knew someone who was.Richard Harvey from Metrovino sent out a note to all wine fans affected by the recent floods that said “ If your cellar was may end up throwing our some of those bottles. Just a heads up.” We’ll talk to Richard about those mud covered bottles.Sal Howell

Do you like to pair wine with Pride on your travels? Special coverage LGBT ....You're in luck. The Okanagan Wine Festivals Society and Okanagan Pride Society are joining forces to create a tourism-related event called Viva Las Pride. The Vegas-style event, created by Okanagan College business students through their applied learning program, will not only spotlight 24 wineries from the Interior but also integrate mainstream acceptance and tap into Pride tourism from across BC&AB

TASTING ROOM RADIO Vancouver’s Candice Mate..pours – what else – MATE from Tuscany. Gilles Nicault as Longshadows Washington winemaker gets to work with the best of the best. The Wine Diva returns with wine101 Plus I have a new BC winery to chase... Nagging Doubt. Well worth the effort.

Tasting Room Radio June 1st-Darryl Brooker is the winemaker for CedarCreek Winery, based in Kelowna, British Columbia.

bigpinots – My Bordeaux I have a confession: until last month, I’d never been to Bordeaux. Sure, I’ve drunk lots of their wines, but I always thought of Bordeaux as big, imposing, inaccessible chateaux whose wines I couldn’t afford. | Sky Hook, and the world after Aviation Gin

Tasting Room Radio May 25th f you’re a fan of Okanagan wines check out this TRR. It’s the annual pour of new releases from The Naramata Bench. TRR concludes with wine expert and winemaker David Scholefield. He’s hosting the highly mobile winemaker Alberto Antonini Who will be pouring at least 5 of the wines he makes around the World..including The Okanagan at OCP.

Mad About Madeira – A Finalist In The 2013 Wine Blog Awards

“Have you photographed this bottle? Can I throw it away now?” Not an uncommon question in the Bigpinots house as, like some sort of digital hoarder, I photograph and document every different bottle of wine we open. I try to document some at tastings too, but that’s often just too laborious.

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Somm - Official Trailer (HD) Documentary - YouTube

Tasting Room Radio April 27th Its Part Two of our Napa Special. Five stories that captured our attention. We wanted to pass them on to you. Dan Zepponi came from Napa to be President of Mission Hill Family Estates. We find him back in Napa making Plume, a Napa Cab partnership with Quails Gate in The Okanagan. A true Napa guy. The Wagner Family make Caymus, Conundrum, Belle Glos and more. Father Chuck is a Napa Icon. Daughter Jenny is their newest winemaker and here she does her first ever

Lobby of The Vineyard at Stockcross with bottle of wine from The Peter Michael Vineyard

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Tasting Room Radio April 3rd Vancouver’s Candice Mate..pours – what else – MATE from Tuscany.Gilles Nicault as Longshadows Washington winemaker gets to work with the best of the best. I have a new BC winery to chase Nagging Doubt. Well worth the effort. And Jeanette Servidio tells the story of Argentiara – again, from Tuscany.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Please enjoy responsibly VINPIN team

Tasting Room Radio March 30th. Vancouver’s Candice Mate..pours – what else – MATE from Tuscany. Gilles Nicault as Longshadows Washington winemaker gets to work with the best of the best. I have a new BC winery to chase Nagging Doubt. Well worth the effort.And Jeanette Servidio tells the story of Argentiara – again, from Tuscany.

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Confessions of a Wine Hater | Wine Folly Real Wine Hater or Just Picky?

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Tasting Room Radio March 20th The Wine Diva wraps up this years Vancouver Wine Festival with wines that impressed. plus she judged the wine lists and brings the winner list to the show.We also present the Sommelier of the Year AND SHE'S A GIRL One of the most talked about winemakers in Washington State , Charles Smith returns.And we return to Hastings House Salt Spring Island

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A great re-launch of a fantastic restaurant


Tasting Room Radio March 6th- "The Wineries of the Cowichan Valley".Savour the culinary experience of Cowichan Wine Country on Vancouver Island.

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City Palate is a publication celebrating Calgary’s food culture, written for people who are passionately interested in good food and drink. Our contributors include professional writers and professional food people who write food- and drink-related articles on the basis of seasonality and what’s happening in Calgary’s culinary scene with, as often as possible, a local focus.

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Harlem Shake (Original Willow Park Wines & Spirits and Corkscrew Media) - YouTube


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Canadian music icon Bruce Cockburn,The Wine Diva with an Anti-Valentines Wine List and DJ Kearney with a primer on The Wines of Chile.

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90 Grand Puy Lacost Wine