What is VINPIN?

VINPIN is a virtual pinboard - THE place to show the world "What's on YOUR Table". You can save images of Wine, Food & Friends around the table, and everything in-between  into organized  Tables. VINPIN's goal is to Be THE convenient social space for all things on and around your social table

Who can use VINPIN and what does it cost?

VINPIN is free and open to anyone. You can use your Facebook account, Twitter account, or email to join.

What can I do with VINPIN?

VINPIN is a THE place to show the world "What's on YOUR Table"  with others in the VINPIN community. You can Save lists of awesome wines you tried, Culinary creations you loved and the surrounding images of everything in between.

How do I get started?

After signing up, you can browse VINPINs using our All Tables  menu, or search box. When you find something you want to keep, click the reVINPIN icon. After clicking reVINPIN, you can create a Table for this VINPIN, enter a description and save it. Repeat this and you're on your way!

VINPINing Basics

What is a pin?

A VINPIN is an image or video added to VINPIN along with the description and comments people have left about it. VINPINs can come from other websites or from users uploading them. They are free to add and you can add as many as you like. We keep the image of the VINPIN so it will never go away, even if the site it was VINPINed from does.

What is a reVINPIN?

A reVINPIN is a pin copied from an existing VINPIN. When users find VINPINs they like, they click reVINPIN to save it onto their own Table. This creates a new VINPIN with the same image and URL as the original.

What is a Table?

A Table is an organized group of pictures you have created. Tables have a name and can have as many VINPINs saved to them as you want.

What is following?

Following a user's Table means that VINPINs from this board will appear in the "People you follow" page. Following a user means that all of this user's Tables, including new VINPINs, will appear. You can follow a user by clicking on their profile thumbnail and clicking "Follow" beneath their profile picture. You can follow a Table by viewing that Table and clicking the "follow" button at the top.

Account Management

How do I sign up?

You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or email for free here. For email signup, all that is required is your name and password. For Facebook and Twitter signup, all that is required is an existing account with those sites.

How do I edit my account information including name, email settings and picture?

You can edit all of your account settings in the "Settings" page. To navigate to Settings, mouse over your profile pic  in the top right banner and select "Settings" under the "My Account" section.

How do I connect my account to Facebook, Facebook Timeline, or Twitter?

If you have not signed up, you can connect to Facebook and Twitter on signup. If you are signed up, you can connect or disconnect to Facebook in the account Settings page by simply clicking a checkbox and clicking "allow". To connect to Timeline, connect your account to Facebook and then click "Connect" in the timeline header on the top of the VINPIN homepage.

Getting the most from VINPIN

What does the +VINPIN Button do?

By dragging or adding the VINPIN Image to your browser's bookmark bar, you can add pictures from other websites back to your VINPIN profile. You don't need to have VINPIN open for this to work. Simply visit a site you like, click the bookmark link, and then select your image. The following popup will allow you to login, select and board and pin the image back to your account.

How do I add a +VINPIN Button to my website?

You need to fill out the image URL, site URL, and pin tags in this form. Then copy the resulting code and add it next to the image you want your users to pin. Adding this button increases the chances people will VINPIN your pin, which will drive traffic back to your site as each link pin links directly to you.

How do I put a "Follow Me on VINPIN Button" on my site?

Create a VINPIN account and then copy the code snippet here and place it on your website where you want the button to appear.

How can I improve my profile, number of views, and followers?

Pinning new images onto good tables is the only way to get your VINPINs into our Popular table pages. So once you have created great tables with new and repined content, you should start seeing increased number of reVINPINs, likes, and comments. This will drive more people to view your profile and follow your pins. Once you have followers, it is even easier to get your VINPINs seen!

How do I contact VINPIN?

Comments? Concerns or even better Feedback!  please email us at