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All our Sparkling wines at Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars are made in the traditional method. If you're keen on understanding more about the process, view this video produced by our friend Chris Stenberg at Vine & Beach - Enjoy!

Summer in the Cellar- Bottling the 2012 Blue Mountain Vineyard & Cellars Reserve Pinot Noir Magnums. They'll be ready in Spring of 2016

Choice of Cork at Blue Mountain Winery - YouTube The choice of cork at Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars is based on years of experience and constant testing. In this video Winemaker, Matt Mavety explains some of the rough science between cork selection, the differences between types of cork, and why the winery continues to use cork instead of screw cap/ Stelvin wine bottle closures. What do you think? Do you prefer cork or screw cap? http://www.bluemounta...ine-corks-


The final installment of our Winter in an Okanagan Falls Winery blog features the Cellar. Check out what's been happening behind the scenes at Blue Mountain Winery.